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September 7th, 2012, 23:37
Hi Cleve,

You have quite the reputation on the ole internet. I don't know what part is you being a troll, what part true jackass, but it does look like you have an actual playable RPG here. I'd rather see it come out than not.

I strongly suggest eating as much humble pie as you can stomach for the duration of the kickstarter and you might even succeed.

I think something along these lines would be good. Each tier getting you all above tiers, per usual.

$10: Full copy of the game upon final release. Final purchase price when game is released will be 15 so you save 5 bucks.

$25: Access to the current beta version immediately after the kickstarter ends (or at minimum a set in stone date a week or two after, to give you enough time to get in intsaller going or whatever). Access to an exclusive beta-tester only forums to provide feedback during the final stages of development.

$50: Your name immortalized in the game credits of the longest developed and most controversial RPG in computer gaming history.

$100: Get to name a monster/item/something in game.

$250, $500, up, various ways of working with the dev to create personalized in game content, design a monster, encounter, npc, etc.
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