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September 8th, 2012, 01:11
Originally Posted by Wesp5 View Post
I could do that. But where should this be? As far as I remember there is nobody on that island and if I have anyone else talk about it, people probably wouldn't know which island is meant.
I'm gonna go back to my save - but if I recall, one of the guys contacts you right BEFORE you land on the island.

Hm, maybe the collector says something about the artifacts to which I could add a warning.
That could work, yes.

Maybe I could do the same on the boat, have someone say that without two keys you couldn't leave…
Maybe in one of the dialogues from the two guys who often tell you things, while you play. Just add something there in one of those?

Also, maybe you could add a warning in the Mission Log, if you know how to alter those?
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