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September 8th, 2012, 05:43
See, I didn't even know about much of the drama Cleve has brought on himself. I just knew him as a self-absorbed, arrogant pathological liar. I also didn't know he BSed on Corwin, which given how much Corwin has defended you in these forums, is truly bull shit.

I really don't care, Cleve, if you make it "investors only" at first, or period. That's your problem not mine. Your lost sales, not mine. I do not need Grimoire, and will not care if Grimoire ever comes out. It won't be the first game I've been interested in to never see the light of day, and it won't be the last.

For that matter, it won't be the last Wizardry/Might and Magic-inspired (or cloned) game to hit the market. As long as there are open PC OSes, even after Win8 shuts out non-approved developers, there will be someone making games like they liked to play back in the day, whenever that may be for them.

Your pitiful little game will mean precisely dick to me. About the only thing it has done for me is make me refuse to divulge much info about my own little project, beyond one friend who I bounce ideas off of, and refuse to provide even a tentative release. As I don't want to end up with a reputation like yours.
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