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September 8th, 2012, 07:53
Since Skeletony decided to dump his usual crap on this thread, I'll just dump on him. This guy has been stalking me on the internet for over a decade.

About twelve years ago Skeletony got hold of some beta test materials for Grimoire he wasn't supposed to have. Being a bear of little brain he also posted some contact details.

I called him long-distance and instead of getting him I got his mother. When I asked about Tony his mother burst into tears and divulged his life story to me, apparently unconcerned I was a complete stranger.

Skeletony is a long term drug addict who is not sure of his own parentage who has no fixed address. He has slept on couches in various homes of relatives for most of his life. His mother told me point blank he has stolen money from her, ripped off her possessions and pawned them to buy drugs. She said she was at wit's end and ready to ban him from entering her house ever again.

She said Skeletony has never been able to hold down steady work for more than a few weeks at a time and regularly goes on binges lasting months where she is not sure of his whereabouts.

This was over a decade ago so I don't know if his situation has changed. You can imagine what sort of person the guy is that his mother breaks down and tells all these things to a complete stranger on the phone.
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