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September 8th, 2012, 12:11
I've been digging out TRopico again, the vry first game of its series, and it's one of the very few games that permanently exist on my hrddisk.

Since I found out that its "Gold" version accepts a virtual CD drive, I've been even more happy to play it, since this means that I don't need to fumble around searching for its CD anymore.

I've began my xth (meaning : so many that I lost count) settlement, and barely managed o survive a huge tropical storm which has destroyed quite a lot of buildings - and all farms. Due top my error of builing up the Coffee farm too early (instead of building up food farms) for getting the economy up and running again , I received quite a lot of hate from the starving inhabitants.

The next election was "fumbled" a little bit , and/but I barely survived it by 29 votes for me against 27 against me - real outcome. My advisor says that it wasn't necessary to "work" with the ballot papers, after all.

But well, after this "food crisios" was resolved, my popularity soon rose again.

And after it, another thunderstorm met my island.

But this time the damages were easy to neglect (almost none).

El Presidente ( me ! ) is going to build/re-build his own birthplace in the not-so-distant future. It will be a major tourist and natives attraction, adding to the "entertainment" factor.

On the flip side, the game says that only 2 of my birthplaces can be built
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