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September 8th, 2012, 19:20
I loved NWN2 and haven't played in a couple years. I seem to remember enjoying an offensive spell cleric, and maybe a favored soul. What domains and race would you pick for a cleric that will be going melee/offensive caster route? Is this a terrible idea? I completed the game as an aasimar cleric the first time and an aasimar favored soul the 2nd time. I seem to really enjoy my cleric-hood in NWN2. I can't even remember if I even went to a prestige class in either game and would appreciate build suggestions, greatly!

C'mon Thrasher and Maylander HiddenX, aren't you a big NWN fan too?

I've also thought about playing a sorcerer, which would probably mean RDD later, right?
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