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September 9th, 2012, 02:16
… pibbur's first day int the US.

And he hates it. 34 degrees C (no, I refuse to translate into that … other temperature scale) in Houson - he didn't know such temperatures existed (outside the sun). It's a bit better in Baltimore, but, considering he regards anything above 20 as hellish hot…

But apart from that? He's having a great time!!!!

*switching to pibbur controller mode*

I came over yesterday. The trip from Frankfurt, Germany took nearly 11 hours, but actually being on an A380was very pleasant indeed. And I had it nearly too mydelf - ok, there were 99 other people on board, but it's a plane with a 600 passenger capacity, so it wasn't very crowded. Nice. I have told you before, I don't really believe that those things can fly, and take-off added support to that assumption. Compared to a Boing 737 who almost jumps into air, this baby crawls upwards sloooowly. Seats were comfortable, each with a tv-screen with a huge selection of movies and programs. And quite good food.

Passing through immigration control and customs was a bit disappointing. I had expected hours waiting in queues and fierce looking, highly suspicious entry guards. In stead he only wanted to know how long I was staying and why on earth I had come to the us. I chose to tell him the truth, and not try to bribe him. Then he wieshed me a pleasant stay.

So, I had more than two hours with nothing to do before boarding my plane to Baltimore. Trust me, there are actually quite good american beers.

I arrived in Baltimore at 05 am Norwegian time (11 pm local time), and went straight to bed, a wise choice since I had been awake for 26 hours. No real jet lag problems.

My meetings don't start untyil tomorrow, so I've spent the day shopping with my two female colleagues who are also attending the meetings. They mostly looking for clothes, me looking for .. THINGS. I got myself a dr. Who coffee mug. And some gargloyle figurines. And some other things, most of them at half the price I would have to pay back home. Did I tell you there are good American beers?

Haven't talked to any republicans as far as I know, although I am a bit unsure about Bubba at his grill an bar in Houston. But he was a really nice person to talk to, so maybe they are not as dangerous as I've thought (the republicans).

Other things happening today:

1331: Stephen Uroš IV Dušan (U4) declared himself king of Serbia, a move possibly not supported by his until-then-king-of-Serbia-Stephen-Uros-III-father. However, said father was in prison at the time, the result of U4' actioans after a fallout between themr. Which was probably a wise choice, since HIS father again (Stephen not-Uros) sent U3 to Constantinople to be (only partially successfully) blinded after they had a fallout. I'm not sure why said procedure could not be performed in Serbia, and why big Stephen chose to outsource it, but at least it proves the benefits of international cooperation. U4 remained in business until 1355 of natural causes (war), far longer than most roman emperors.

1514: Poland pwned Russia, only to be pwned by a few Swedes exactly 241 years later.

1888: Start of football league matches in the UK.
1951: End of WWW.
1966: Start of Star Trek.
1967: End of Steam in North East of England. Still going strong in the rest of the world.

pibbiur who'll spend six more days in the US
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