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September 9th, 2012, 05:28
Arakion is a "first person, group based RPG that includes extensive character customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world". The art style is certainly different. Chris Taylor (no, not that one; not that one, either) is looking for $25k,with around $2k having been raised in the last couple of days. There's a thread here on our forums, or check out the Kickstarter.
Arakion is a modern take on a classic RPG formula. You're put in control of three heroes trying to survive a world devastated by war. Adventuring in Arakion will take you across open land, into deep dungeons and even put you in control of rebuilding a desolated town.
  • Character Customization! Character customization in Arakion is a refreshing take on the RPG Level-Up formula. Instead of skills and stats after X experience, your choices throughout the game affect your heroes. From the weapons you choose to forge, to the add-ons you choose for their housing, every decision has an impact on your heroes.
  • You did what with my weapon?! Each character only starts with one weapon, one set of armor and four skills. You'll use the materials you find in the world to shape and morph your characters in to the heroes they'll become. Every decision you make has a permanent and lasting impact on your hero which resonates in the manner they play and interact with the world.
  • Town Building! Using building blueprints you find, the people you rescue, along with the help of a mysterious stranger, you'll use ancient devices to rebuild a lost town. You'll have to choose wisely however, as some building decisions permanently prevent other choices.
  • Combat! Combat in Arakion allows you to choose real-time, turn-based or a unique blend of both. The core system of Arakion takes two old school styles of gameplay and merging them into one seamless combat experience.
  • Adventure! You'll adventure through dozens of dungeons, castles and open world areas while finding hidden passageways, collecting materials and crushing your foes.
  • Story! The game features a deep and engaging story-line that spans generations. As you play through the game you'll learn about the history of Arakion and your heroes, as well as taking a part in shaping your heroes past with the unique trait system.
More information.
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