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September 9th, 2012, 18:43
Originally Posted by Wesp5 View Post
Okay, so this is the area where you have to open the big gate using the button?
You need the 6 statues to open that front door. That'd be closer to the end of the game.

There's a lever, which you're supposed to pull LATER, when you get the proper quest to do so: Gods Reincarnation Cult Quest.

It's so long ago, I can't remember. Do you find the first tablet there?
That picture I linked is for when you are to get the stone tablet during the Cultist Island Quest.…and you are supposed to leave the area, right then and there, once you get the stone tablet and the message to leave!

The problem is - it's easy enough to walk around and up the mountain and traverse through the area WAY too early, when you aren't supposed to - especially if you don't get the stone tablet first AND do not get the warning message to leave the area!

If so, he could give a warning like this: "You need to enter the area through that gate, otherwise some internal pathway might be blocked." Or is there a better name for this area that could be used? Also which fort is he talking about? The one were you get betrayed in?
This is not too long after being betrayed at Eudes' set-up fort, yes.

You basically don't want to enter the area too early - i.e. anytime before doing Gods Reincarnation Quest!

This is the Lever that you ONLY want to pull when doing Gods Reincarnation Quest.
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