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September 9th, 2012, 23:09
My threshold for Kickstarters is very high, and in fact I've only contributed to a couple of the big ones that really got me excited (but I did so in a pretty significant way). But this is the first indie game that almost has me pulling the trigger.

The only thing holding me back, ironically enough, is the small amount asked for. I'm also having a hard time reconciling the math of a year's living expenses + Kickstarter/Amazon fees + extras (hardcover art book? really?) + hiring others + additional software tool purchases, and having it add up to only $25k. I'm fearful that this project is set up for failure, and thus I'm hesitant to support it.

It may sound silly, but if the funding threshold were set at more like $100k, I would probably be in in a heartbeat. I think that what you have to show is worth asking for such an amount.. As it is, I may wait until the funding grows to a somewhat-more-realistc ~$50k level before considering a pledge.

With all that said, I think you've got some really great ideas on character development that could inject some fresh air into the genre, and yet I can also see how the constant advancement pull would be maintained that keeps us all starting up RPG's again and again. It does seem like a difficult system to balance, however (if only because it's so new), which leads me back again to my concern about the amount of resources you'll have to get this balance right while still building everything you need for a good game.

I will likely contribute a pre-order amount just to support a good idea, but will consider it a pure speculation play. If I had more confidence in the project's success, I would probably pledge quite a bit more…

Good luck, at any rate…
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