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September 10th, 2012, 16:40
Wow. While a couple people gave you a rough ride, I thought the thread overall was fairly well-behaved. Nothing really to justify a rage quit like you're pulling, but whatever makes you feel good, I suppose. Just keep in mind that while you were regularly getting crucified across the internet, two people here at the Watch consistently defended your game on your behalf. Your return on that loyalty leaves a little bit to be desired, if I do say so myself.

Best of luck with Grimoire. It really is a good game, and I appreciated the opportunity to beta test it for you a few years back. It's unfortunate that you're making such an effort to alienate all your potential customers.

edit- BTW, the delete button works as intended--you can delete your own threads until someone posts a reply. After that point, it requires mod/admin powers. It helps keep our posters on an even footing, since no user's posts get deleted by another user.
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