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September 10th, 2012, 18:42
There is a human race, girl on the right in the preview. Check out the races here. The treasures you find in the game at least as far as items are concerned are materials, you'll find metals, ores and all that fun stuff, you'll in turn use those to construct items. It's actually quite open ended, customizeable and non-minimalistic, you just wont be finding [insert random first name here] Sword of [Insert random final name].

You can spend a lot of time on town building or a extremely small amount of time, really it's up to you, but you wont' be penalized for rushing the town building so it should cater to your need there. As far as the magic system, lemme repost something.

Each character has 4 skills, each of these skills are extremely customize-able. The skills essentially work on a grid system, so lets say you have a monk that has a heal. Every monk starts out with a base heal, you'll then be able to upgrade it through your choices throughout the game adding group healing, armor buffs, damage buffs, status cure, increased capacity, more heals per dungeon etc… depending on what you group needs. At the same time there isn't' a cost penalty for upgrading. This eliminates redundancy so you have 1 skill instead of 6 similar skills and it gives you the freedom to build your skills around what your characters and group need. While it still needs a little balancing so far in testing it's been super fun for people.

Hopefully that answers your questions, if you have anymore please don't hesitate to ask.
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