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September 11th, 2012, 01:36
… pibbur's third day in the us

Still having a great time. Everything is big around here. I attended a group session today, in meeting room 342, numbered from 301 to 355, and that was only the third floor. My hotel room is large, my dinner plates are large… Everything is big around here.

Except for the toilets. A word of warning: I won't talk about naughtyu or seedy things here, but I will touch upon bodily functions.

Toilets are small. The width and depth of them are adequate, but the height, the height is only half of what I'm used to. At least in (the bathroom of) my hotel room, haven't examined others. Now this poses a problem, because when I stand there doing my thing (not the big one, I usually sit down for the big one), there's a bit more distance to cover, and therefore a slight but statistically significant increased risk of misplacing a drop or two, which is embarrassing. Now, every male knows that draining your bladder from a standing position is a carefully controlled activity, involving highly precise hand-eye (or eye-hand) coordination to decide and maintain the correct position and direction of the bladder draining device. In addition we need to make sure that the physiological process of emptying the bladder itself, involving contracton of the muscles in the bladder wall (the detrusor), aided by a measurable increase in abdominal pressure, and combined with appropriate relaxation of the sphincters at the bladder outlet, take place at the correct moment in time, not too soon, and not too late (unless your are absolutely certain that no one will examine your underwear). Also remember that ejecting what is mostly water involves action-reaction forces (rocket science), and removal of mass from the anterior parts of your body, all of which will affects balance, thereby increasing the workload of your cerebellum (which already is busy handling the above mentioned hand-eye coordination). Thankfully, with training this becomes an automated process, so that we may spend our time writing messages or drawing on adjacent surfaces. But this only works if everything is where it's supposed to be. I don't know why the americans do this, but for all practical purposes, this is an attack on european males, not necessarily intended, it may be the result of ignorance, but still an attack.

Now I'm sure that there are female readers of the watch who ask: Why not sit down? This is of course an impertinent question that doesn't deserve and answer, but you'll get it anyway: BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE TO. IT'S ABOUT EVOLUTION OF THE SPECIES!! So there!

End of bodily function part.

The meeting I'm attending is this one: Sept. 2012 Annual Plenary and Working Group Meeting It's about how to exhange information between a multitude of health care software solutions, which happens to be my field of work. It's the first time I attend this meeting, so I've got this pink (I didn't select the color) tag identifying me as a "first time attendee", which make everybody come over and say hi and werlcom. Plus I have the privilege of interrupting any conversation or speech asking questions. Very nice.

Also, the hotel claimed they were excited to hear that I planned to stay at the place (don't know what they'll say when I'm leaving). So yes, I'm having a great time.

You might think that language would be a barrier, since americans don't speak English, but, like Australians (we have those here too), something derived from English. But this hasn't been a problem. I understand what they say, they sometimes understand what I say (which, to be honest, largely depends on the accuracy of my pronounciation of words), and if not there's always sign language. As long as I don't extend my middle finger.

Did I mention that good american beers exist?

Other things that happpened today:

2008: The Large Hadron Collider was powered up for the first time. Few things compares to this (despite the event I may cover 9 days from now).

pibbur who plans on going out into the city this evening, shared by 163 googles.

PS: OK, if you absolutely want it, there are a couple of other things I clould mention, like US losing a Basketball match (1972), Gibraltar deciding to stay british (1967). And Switzerland joining the UN (2002). And the Nyon Conference addressing hardware piracy (1937). DS.
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