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September 11th, 2012, 22:14
"The Druid Of Shannarah" by Terry Brooks is the only book of which I can really say that it heavily influenced me in my own development of my own fantasy world/setting : Terry Brooks heavily influenced my look on Elementals. From him I have the idea of an Elemental Of Life.

The story, however, isn't something that interested me much, mainly because I read only this book - and it is isolated from the rest of this series. From nowadays I'd see it as if I had just taken a book from the "middle" of the Discworld books, or the middle book from LOTR, and that alone.

Which means that I can't say if i can recommnd it or not.

Right now I'm reading the (A)D&D novel "Wrath of the Blue Lady,", which entertains me quite a bit. I think I can recommend it, but please don't expect anything extraordinary : This is a good book. but not something special. I think it is worth its money nevertheless.

It is kind of isolated in my bookshelf as well since the only other (A)D&D-based book I currently own is the official "Pools Of Radiance 2 : Ruins Of Myth Drannor" novel.
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