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September 12th, 2012, 20:31
I'm playing NWN2, hence posting in the NWN2 forum I ended up starting over to take a level of rogue, so I can open the odd chest or disarm traps. I'm a rogue1/cleric4 at the moment, getting ready to leave the Whispering Inn with Khelgar. Gonna go pick up my weapon that I'll likely use for the whole game. I generally just keep enchanting the Bone Phoenix morningstar and I'll cast the spell or take the feat that makes it keen.

MIA: Bartacus, DArtagnan, Dhruin, dteowner, GhanBuriGhan, JemyM, JonNik, kalniel, magerette, Prime Junta, skavenhorde, vurt, Wulf, Zachary, et al.
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