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September 13th, 2012, 13:05
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Well I took the advice from some members here that perhaps I was overlooking a great game in Dark Souls PC version so I bought it today. The game seems ok but I think I just suck at boss battles. I can't even put a dent in the first boss monster. I've figured out that I need to stay behind him. But I struggle so much using a controller I'm just not good at using joysticks for movement and camera placement.

The best round I had with the first boss I managed to stay alive for over 5 full minutes but in all that time I only knocked out like 1/100th of his hitpoints. I don't think I will at all be successful with this game given this abysmal start.
You have many options:

1) you can run away to the left of the chamber and escape through a door to get better weapons/armour and Estus Flusk for HP and get back on top of his head (literally).

2) you can beat him the first time depending on your character and gifts: you can get the black bomb as a gift from character creation and burn him to hell, or pyro for example. If you beat him the first time (i.e. first time you 'see' it) you will be in for a 'BIIIIG' surprise!
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