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September 13th, 2012, 17:23
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I think an important thing when recommending books (and movies, and games) is to state WHEN you read/watched/played it. As an example I loved Eddings in my early 20's, now 20 years later, well, let's just say my taste has changed a bit. Books usually holds up pretty well compared to movies and games though, but there are exceptions..
Agree, time does temper our memories. I reread Drangonlance Chronicles and Legends a few years back (I'm late 30's now), and loved it as much as I did back in the mid 80's as a kid. But I read the Legend of Huma and didn't enjoy it near as much. In games, I've noticed the same thing. Just replayed Worlds of Ultima: Savage Empire. I loved that as a kid, but while I enjoyed it for a bit, I realize now how shallow and hollow it was compared to the actual Ultimas.

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