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September 14th, 2012, 10:14
It's funny (and a little scary) that people still don't really understand the concept of Kickstarter.

You are neither buying nor pre-ordering a game, when you back a Kickstarter project!

You are *investing* in the project, because the developer has managed to convince you that they can deliver something cool, that you want to be a part of, and which cannot be funded by traditional means. In the case of game Kickstarter projects it has simply become the norm that you receive a copy of the game once (or rather *if*) it is completed. In some other types of Kickstarter projects you are simply giving the guys your money for whatever reason…

Once the Kickstarter is successful, your credit card will be charged - and your money will be "gone" without any kind of security.

In the case of Grimoire - it really does look like a really cool game, and I can pretty much guarantee that *if* it ever gets released - then I would buy it.
But investing in it, hoping that Cleve will actually finish it?? No way!
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