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September 14th, 2012, 15:09
Um… I've already decided to buy it no matter what. Modding is not something I care for (unless it happens to be a case similar to Kotor2 or we get a game based on book series so modders can practically add more content from boojs and even whole sequels themselves).

Instead of mods, I hope it will have the best stuff we saw in last year RPG masterpieces:
1. No mobrespawns and awsome nonrepeatable area/dungeon design like in DX:HR
2. Openworld worth exploring and outstanding music worth making covers (malufenix) like in TES:S
3. Thrilling story, award winning intro/trailer (made by platige, directed by T. Baginski), c&c and completely different experience when replaying it like in TW2

Of course, I hope we won't see things that were not fun in those 3 games:
1. Gamestopper bug that corrupts saves due to powersurge or OS crash (it was patched later though) and badly designed boss fights like in DX:HR
2. Unbelievable amount of annoying bugs especially questbugs plus endless mobrespawns in one area (dragons plague "mages' guild") like in TES:S
3. Potentially frustrating QTEs like in TW2
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