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September 14th, 2012, 22:00
Originally Posted by Misha View Post
EA won't make anything from kickstarter because they are for makin money first via games. Obsidian want to make games but it needs money. Whole EA is for selling more and more games, with more and more dlcs - thats why they need to streamline the core - to get wider casual audience, thats why they cut content from games to spread 10bucks dlcs, and for all of that they need strong marketing which cost them - the circle go again… -and thats why i am very sad about BioWare
Bigger and bigger outfits are latching onto this. Its only a matter of time. Wasn't it the case that a short while ago one of the big ones found a major for a distributor? If people just give money to the kickstarter wouldn't you want a piece of that pie? Certainly Obsidian does. And yet Obsidian has the clout to get contracts from publishers already.
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