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September 16th, 2012, 07:05
Those stretch goals might be more appealing and comparable if we had even an inkling more of what/how much would be in the base game.

They do sound like good sorts of things to have as stretch goals, but an extra companion NPC means a lot more if we're talking about a base selection of say 8 than 20. I think it would have been better if this list was released alongside a rough bulletpoint list of features including a range of regions they were shooting for and range of joinable NPCs (not a specific number promised but the rough range.)

Also bonus NPCs and regions could be made to sound more enticing if they provided even some general tidbits about them. That may be impossible at this extremely early stage, but even concept art to go with them would help sell the stretch goals.

Hopefully more details will come out in the coming weeks - I am confident in my support of the project but I think this would help them sell the stretch goals and reach even higher support levels.
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