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September 16th, 2012, 10:38
Originally Posted by CountChocula View Post
The few games I've played with official, supported mod tools were expanded beyond the wildest dreams of the developers.

Setting aside the Bethesda games, I recently had a chance to use the Grimrock dungeon editor and I'm confident that over time it will result in tens of thousands of additional hours of new content available for that game.
Sure. Grimrock is a very, very, very simple product compared to what I hope they deliver. Whilst Obsidian obviously need to lay out the design with a minimum budget of $1.1M - in case that's all they get - I think around $3M+ is required to develop the sort of Baldur's Gate-meets-Planescape-Torment that many pledgers will have in their minds.

I already think the Kickstarter community expectation for a Linux version is a waste of time and money (yes, feel free to berate me) and an editor is another expense I'm dubious they can afford.

I pledged for the characters and stories of Chris Avellone and the design mechanics of JE Sawyer and Tim Cain (et al). That's my first interest. I can get community content from Skyrim and other places - I want content from Avellone.
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