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September 16th, 2012, 13:49
Yeah. NWN2 has the worst camera controls ever. Combined with pathfinding and AI more retarded than even Baldur's Gate, I find it a grueling chore to play. I even started another attempt last week and have slogged through further than I have ever previously managed to get, but I find I have to force myself to even load it up so I probably won't get much further this time either. :/

Last time I played I had to replay an entire dungeon because my idiot party decided they had to dance back and forth over a trap repeatedly until they all died because one of them decided to stand in a doorway. The second time I got to the same traps I thought it'd work better, I figured it was scripts breaking the first time. But then they all started doing the same stuff and I barely shut off their AI's and got them out of the way in time.

It's pretty much unbearable.
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