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September 16th, 2012, 14:48
Why are ppl assuming it'll be Sims or NWN2 stronghold (um, really, NWN2 had stronghold? never knew about that as after lousy get the inn in NWN only to not be able to return to it later I've decided not to buy NWN2 ever). Did everyone already forget that BG2 also had story based strongholds?

Also the comments about 300K or 200K is too much for just another party NPC… Ppl please. It's not just graphics (and sound maybe). Adding a different NPC to the game means more working on the game balance. As it's a new class, it means spreading the rules more. And since that class will also be a playable class things get a bit more complicated. We're also talking about story rich game, that NPC will have his story I'm 100% sure and it'll not be one stupid fetch quest and that's it, you have to integrate his/her story with the game. Etc etc.

Port to Mac and Linux sounds great, hell if TW2 has the Mac version it'd be pretty unfair not to make that one. I only hope that doesn't mean a port to iOS smartphones.

Modding tool is something I don't care for but I'll be honest and say there are so many ppl who want it so why not? I'll add +1 on the wishlist for future stretches.
We also don't know anything about music in the game. I just hope for more Vivaldi's masterpiece covers (hint: PS:T) so that would also go on my wishlist. I mean, it's fantasy, can't ask for Vault City fascinating theme here.
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