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September 16th, 2012, 14:54
Originally Posted by tomasp3n View Post
5 companions in the base game? And a chance for…..2 more with stretch goals? This is not what I was hoping for. I want loads of OPTIONAL companions a la Baldurs Gate, Arcanum etc. I do NOT want the Neverwinter Nights 2-Kotor-DA:O version where almost all companions are forced upon you.

And 5 classes? I suppose they could have subclasses bat to me so far the things they HAVE released are underwhelming….
This. I was hoping for companions along the lines of BG as well. I'm hoping the party size will be 5-6 as well. Only 5 classes seems limited too though it's hard to say since we don't know what type of game system it will have.
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