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September 16th, 2012, 14:52
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Before I forget you seriously never played NWN 2 yet and have to read about the stronghold part?
The stronghold part and the games latter parts are generally good, but before getting there one has to trudge through some of the most boring 15-20h in RPG-ing. Id say theres nothing "" about not playing the game .

Originally Posted by tomasp3n View Post
5 companions in the base game? And a chance for…..2 more with stretch goals? This is not what I was hoping for. I want loads of OPTIONAL companions a la Baldurs Gate, Arcanum etc.
Its 3 more.
Personally I first and foremost want companions with depth la Planescape: Torment and that game worked with 7 companions just fine, storywise.
However, Id like P:Es companions to be more customizable character development wise, which goes hand in hand with hoping that each of the 7 available classes (taking stretch goals into account) will offer a good variety of possible development paths.

Also, the initial amount of companions raises a question of max party size. I mean, if the max party size was planned to be 6, then only 5 available companions would mean same party for everyone. Taking the stretch goals into account, 8 companions would indicate more strongly that max party of 6 could be in the plans (and in the update vid, behind Adam Brenneke theres a board with what seems like some possible party formations and these consist of 6), but I have to wonder what party size was planned originally.
Personally Id be quite disappointed if the max party size will end up being pc + 3 companions, for example.

Anyway, hopefully theyll whip out some more meaty info fast. While I was perfectly fine with the initial presentation, currently the stretch goals ring a bit hollow to me due to general lack of tangible info on the game.
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