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September 16th, 2012, 19:21
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
Not really, there were only 3 evil characters in SoA, plus a fourth one added in ToB.
The alignment party member selection was even only in BG1, though both games were skewed towards good/neutral approach in terms of quest design.


Personally I hope that PE wonŽt use alignment categories, IŽd like morals involved in party relations and quest solutions to be more granular and basically left to player to judge. I also expect companions not to be as one dimensional as "evil necromancer of evil".
Granted, I prefer it if most of the companions aren't quite that one dimensional (although it's kinda fun if some of them are). My piont remains though, I don't want my companions to adjust to my decisions, I should be forced to adjust my decisions to them if I want to "keep" them. And that can't be possible without optional companions.

I actually like it when there's some kind of alilgnment system, but it's fine by me if it's "under the cover". But som characters should be plain evil, some should be real do-gooders. And those two extremes should abolutely not get along.
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