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September 16th, 2012, 22:23
Oooo, there's a mental game for the Mac users. If you pay them then MAYBE they will get enough money to make a Mac version.

Regarding the goals - I think most of those development efforts have to be fully funded by the Kickstarters. In the case of the base game, they can spend $2 for every $1 pledged because they will also be getting sales revenue after the game is done. But having one extra potential companion isn't likely to increase sales a whole lot so the extra development there has to come from the Kickstarters. (At least that's my guess - I'm hardly an expert in crowd source funding models.)

What really floors me are the people tossing out $3000+ on this game. And, in return, the developers will put your picture in the game and send you a signed copy of it. SERIOUSLY?? I've always thought collectors' editions were pretty nuts but this is way beyond that. I'm already <ahem> at the thin end of the bell curve when it comes to spending money on gaming butů wow. And $10,000 to 'party with the devs'?? I could buy a state senator for that kind of cash!
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