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September 16th, 2012, 23:43
Originally Posted by ilm View Post
And is it me, or has it slowed down a bit because of down ? :-) Maybe I'm hallucinating, I hope so.
It's slowing down pretty much as you would expect for a kickstarter project, which seems to be a big burst in the first few days, then bouncing around at a much lower level for most of the pledge period, then an uptick right near the end.

For an example here's Wasteland 2's profile.

Things like Mac and Linux ports, or translations, or 100 extra character portraits, or get an orchestra to do the soundtrack, or whatever, where they can take that $200K they got for it and hire a guy or gal to work specifically on that thing, in parallel with the main development, are the sort of stretch goals that I like. Even if they be somewhat humdrum.

It's the ones they increase the scope of the project, like more companion characters and more story and whole new areas, where I don't see an obvious way that the $200K they get can be directly be applied to that specifically because it inherently requires more work from the core team if you want to keep the quality up, I worry about. Be they ever so much more exciting.

It's basically relies on them being able to shift other stuff off those core people and to free them up for it. Which you can obviously do to some extent, but seems to be higher risk to me, and there will be a limit before you start blowing out the schedule.
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