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September 17th, 2012, 00:59
I really hope these guys watched the Bones - Reaper Minis kickstarter and took some of that to heart as to how to do things right. If they do then they could easily reach upwards of 4 million or higher and the starting number of NPCs, races, classes could look quite small compared to what higher possible stretch goals might allow. If they don't engage with that kind of intensity, planning, and frequency then they will more likely end up somewhere between 2.4 and 3.3 million (pulling numbers completely out of my ass of course.)

Sadly I'm worried that their continued work on current games like the Stick of Truth might mean they don't have quite the time to devote to the campaign period compared to the guys at Reaper minis. If it follows the same sort of shape of pledges/day as wasteland 2 did and has a similar ratio of average pledges to peak daily pledges it would end somewhere around 3.7 million. Even getting a few more peaks with big reveals and good communication could easily push it well above that - assuming similar remaining but unpledged donor capacity is available.

Given the teasing done for this project ahead of time and significant first to second day drop off compared to Wasteland 2 though, I believe the peak to average ratio will be more significant for this project as it may have taken longer for some instantly convinced supporters to actually hear about the previous project for the first time. In light of that I think they will have to work harder to convince remaining potential supporters to maintain anything like that sort of momentum and would fall far short of 3.7 million if they don't throw in a few big reveals, concept art dumps, and interesting tidbits down the line to entice the unconvinced. If they do that though then it could get very high indeed.
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