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September 17th, 2012, 12:59
I got half way through that review and gave up, i had enough of the constant whingeing, Eric Schwarz does not like any difficulty. Why send a schoolboy gamer reviewer to do a mans job?

The game purposely makes things difficult in all manner of ways as a hurdle and a challenge to be fathomed and overcome.

The game has a deeper side - alignment! - never once mentioned in the slightest in that review of repetitive dislikes. In essence it is bad practice having a hack-and-slasher to review a game with such underlying depth.

The challenge difficulty is not in the combat fighting of the enemies but in the faith alignment - or put another way - how to complete quests within alignment as the more powerful devastating forbidden magic is in fact mal aligned to the mother church and the true divinity.

Have you, any gamer, unknowingly or inadvertently used forbidden magics? - ha ha! - then you are now heretic also! - and in your lack of wisdom, you the great inquisitor, need also to be judged and tried and burnt at the stake…..clever isn't it? - keep your eye on the alignment meter - it moves ever so gently.

The game theoretic suggests a thief will be the most able character to stay within divine alignment by using ranged weapons and less of any forbidden magic, providing his follower allies also stay similarly aligned.

Inquisitor is quite simply - (to the fully seasoned gamer) - a hidden gem of a game.

I suggest Eric Schwarz play the game again to completion and within divine alignment if he can (which i strongly doubt) then review the game again properly.

yours faithfully - wulf
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