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September 17th, 2012, 17:46
@booboo - yes, notice how the selection of aligned fields magic are mandatory at character creation, four allocation points as a mage (2/plus and 2/minus) yet only two as a thief (1 plus and i minus)

You must choose at least one opposing magic which (very subjectively) you might choose to use with extreme caution - if at all! - i have great difficulty accepting all traits of inquisitorial magic eg: --->

"light" - this is cleansing so must be o.k to use - opposing darkness.

"Stoning" - this is stated as being of Pagan origin (???)

"Crucifixion" - was banned at the first synod. (??)

"Blinding" - seems of non-evil origin -o.k to use.

"Invisibility" - looks to be both good and evil, depending on the caster.

"Stigma" - appears to be anti-pagan so o.k to use.

"Turn to ashes" - Santini himself used it - should be o.k to use.

It looks as if some spells 'do' and some 'do not' stay true to alignment, eg: a good priest would need to select the good or non-evil derived spells within each field of magic - while some magical fields have no good-aligned spells whatsover - eg: "Liber Lucifer Ordinis Novi"

To make matter worse in deciding which magical field to choose, many magical artifacts, amulets, rings, weapons, armor etc' also have good or evil magical implications.

Magics explanations --> http://inquisitor-rpg.com/?page=magic

Obviously as the game progresses we will learn more on the subject.
Thank you for your unrelenting reply. Your subjective negativity is overwhelming and has little promotional direction to gamers unfamiliar with this RPG style - a more positive outlook would be welcomed. I can if you wish, go into greater detail and prove the opposite on every negative point mentioned in your article - yet i prefer not to delve to that level.
The blog article has a review outlook and style, the composition of a review, the layout of a review, all the hallmarks of a review - it comes across as a review - it is to all intents and purposes "a review" to the reader. Even in blog style, by containing composed review characteristics, the article cannot escape being a review.
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