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September 18th, 2012, 00:01
Originally Posted by Ashbery76 View Post
I wish they would stop focus testing an audiance that is never going to buy a game like this.
Not entirely sure what makes you think they are doing that. The article did not mention "focus testing" (perhaps you mean "focus groups" which it also didn't mention.) Play testing a game is part of the fine tuning and QA process and a pretty damn necessary one.

The problem they are discussing - of making sure that it is apparent that there are options besides the obvious without making all individual options obvious themselves- is an important and difficult one. Many games don't get it right at all and its good that they approached it thoughtfully. So it is understandable they want to make it clear to players that they can experiment and that other paths exist without carving them out as obvious alternate routes; the desire is to keep exploration and experimentation exciting and rewarding while not having their efforts to develop the off-the-beaten path content wasted.
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