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September 18th, 2012, 06:10
I don't understand all the reactions that this was a bad campaign….

for one, I don't think the Obsidian crew really knew what to expect with Kickstarter - I doubt ANY of them were watching any of the other campaigns on a daily, let alone hourly, basis to see how they were run, so them being surprised at how quickly they reached their goal (one of the highest set for a game on there, if I'm not mistaken) shouldn't seem weird to anyone.

for another, there was the whole "weekend" as in people not in the office and not working. While an argument can be made about Facebook, Twitter, etc, and always being connected - sometimes people take a break from work for their families or to relax. Again, they didn't expect this to hit in a day. It's not unreasonable in the least for them to have thought they had the weekend before needing an update.

lastly, in three days they've had 3 updates. I know SUCCESSFUL Kickstarter campaigns that had 3 updates PERIOD.

*shakes his head*

Tempest. In. A. Teapot.

People were whining a day in that Obsidian hadn't listed stretch goals. I honestly believe they weren't counting on stretch goals.

EDIT - Decided to check on a few things:

here's Wasteland 2's schedule:
Kickstarter started on 3-13, first update on 3-13 reads this, second update is released on 3-15 and reads thus, and third is on 3-17 and reads as follows.

Fargo's updates being mostly "thanks, thank you, so surprised, didn't expect!"

Comparatively, Obsidian is much more on the ball.

I'll spare the links, but Shadowrun Returns did the exact same run as Obsidian - 3 days, 3 updates, 3rd day's update having details and stretch goals.

Teapot. Tempest.
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