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September 18th, 2012, 05:38
Double Fine's first update was a week after they hit their goal.
Yes and those past kickstarters serve as great resources for learning how to better take advantage of early momentum. That they also were caught off guard by their early success serves as evidence that this could have been anticipated better than it was rather than somehow demonstrate that subsequent kickstarters should have also not expected similar things to happen. This criticism itself is not even new nor to be unexpected in this situation, as it was also leveled at some of the very kickstarters you mention and Wasteland 2 in particular. If those projects somehow serve as examples for you, then so should the lessons that could have been rightly learned from them.

Again - saying it could do much better is not the same as saying its doing outright poorly. And yes it's only three days in so this criticism can be constructive because they still have time to do better - as posters in this thread have indicated they appear to be doing. You are ascribing attitudes and intents that are not here.

Even the poster who said they thought it was somewhat half assed isn't being wholly negative about the project, if you read what they actually say. They did give money to it after all, but they are also voicing the reasons why they are not giving more money as of yet. Stating how a developer could entice you to give more money sounds like pretty damned constructive criticism to me even if it is somewhat colorful.
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