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September 18th, 2012, 06:58
Originally Posted by jhwisner View Post

Yes you checked out some examples of the much much earlier games to have been unexpectedly successful successful. Since this is now the 13th million dollar+ kickstarter rapid success should no longer be so surprising and there are now also examples where the project leaders were far more prepared. One need not have watched them every day to see how they did this either, simply looking at "most funded" and viewing say Bones once will demonstrate this. Even the campaigns you mention serve as good examples of how one should be prepared rather than caught flabbergasted by success rather than as excuses for it.

Again, this is not to call this a "bad" kickstarter, merely that they could be doing much better, should not be surprised (considering they teased this for 5 days beforehand as well), and could yet improve their communication and better capitalize on their success. Nobody is calling this a botched project or lost cause - these criticisms are far timelier than that and there is time for them to react and regain any lost momentum. That's why most of the posts above yours called this update a rather good one - and that hardly seems to be justification for you to be accusing anyone of whining.
Some? How about Shadowrun Online (ended August 14th, 3 updates in a first week), Chivlary (ended Sept 14th, first update was over a week after it started) or Broken Sword (still going, 3 updates in first 5 days)?

You seem to be saying, and saying that it is reasonable, to expect Obsidian to give more information and be better at this than EVERY OTHER GAME ON KICKSTARTER.

The fact that they ONLY do AS WELL as the BEST is grounds for criticism.

THIS is what a mountain out of a mole-hill is. Tempest in a teapot. A company that is busy working on other projects starts this Kickstarter thing, which despite the internet treating everything like it's ancient if it happened more than week ago, is a very new and fragile business model.

They are doing at least as well as any who have come before. To criticize them for not being better than everyone before them (and concurrent with them) is ridiculous.

Richard Burlew ran an amazing Kickstarter, but he'll be the first to admit he had no idea what he was doing and just stumbled on success. Reaper and Zpocalypse, the other two I personally witnessed do amazing, look like they had PLANNED IT OUT VERY WELL… but even they weren't more than an update a day at the start.

Give them more than 3 days to criticize them. Their page was much better than Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective or Jane Jensen or Takedown or Banner Saga were at the start.

The impulse to find something to complain about stuns me.

Yes, I'm upset at this. This isn't the only place I'm finding this. I can only assume that this grows out of the "Obsidian games are broken buggy" rep they have.
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