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September 18th, 2012, 06:08
You seem to be saying, and saying that it is reasonable, to expect Obsidian to give more information and be better at this than EVERY OTHER GAME ON KICKSTARTER.

The fact that they ONLY do AS WELL as the BEST is grounds for criticism.
That's not what anyone is saying and you're ignoring kickstarters that have maintained better momentum. The total raised is not the measure of success in how well a kickstarter is managed but rather the ability to maintain high daily pledge numbers (or even increase them) over the course of a kickstarter. Type in all caps if it helps you vent your confused and misplaced rage, but there are far better examples of how to handle a kickstarter. Had you looked at the Bones kickstarter you would see this.


Whoever you're raging at they don't seem to be posting on this forum and if they are it seems that you are woefully misrepresenting and misinterpreting what they are saying. You seem very fond of calling this a tempest in a teapot, but it seems that it is you who is making things out to be something other than what they are - in their magnitude as well as their intent and actual content.
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