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September 18th, 2012, 07:31
Originally Posted by jhwisner View Post
What you can do is shout the lessons of past campaigns as soon as you think they might not be being taken to heart. That increases the chances that they do take them to heart with more time left available. This isn't about "judging" the campaign as a whole as you seem to think it is. Its about pointing out ways they could be doing better and hoping they do. If you wait till you can rightfully judge success or failure than you've waited to late to be constructive.

This sort of criticism isn't about judging the campaign as a success or failure its about saying how it could be more of a success. If that means pointing out the lessons they should have learned from those past campaigns, as successful as they might have been in spite of them, that is not a bad thing.
Me, March 15th, to Brian Fargo and inXile during their Wasteland 2 campaign -
"I'm going to reiterate that Brian and the gang at inXile should definitely study the way that Rich Burlew at OotS ran his Kickstarter. Add goals that the donators can reach with new things added that most (if not all) who donate can gain benefit from if those goals are reached. It becomes a game - people checking back to see if the latest goal is broken. Then, when it is, another goal is set with another "reward." These rewards, obviously, should be things added to the game overall if possible (off the top of my head - "if we reach $2 million, we will have an old-school expansion that all donators above level X (say, $30?) will receive for free as a digital download when completed - though that might not be the right amount to finance that, it's just an example) With goals to reach, people dig deeper and add more. Especially if the goals benefit everyone who donated. it worked wonders for OotS. I cannot recommend it enough if inXile wants a bigger budget and a bigger impact on the gaming industry."

And I have said something along those lines (adding Zpocalypse and Reaper Bones in to my recommendations) to most Kickstarter campaigns I pledged to and followed, including Project Eternity.

Constructive advice is one thing.

Trust me - go to BSN, go to Obsidian's forums, go to the Kickstarter comments - people were going so far as to say that Obsidian was trying to pull off a scam they had given so little information.

It's part of this meme that (hopefully) ended today with Update #3.

Maybe everyone (all 3 posters) before me were using stronger language than they meant, and their "constructive criticism" fell heavier on the criticism part - but, again, the criticism isn't constructive because what they are saying flies in the face of any reasonable level of comparison short of "you should be able to do better than those who came before you."

EDIT - and with that, I'm done. If you want the last word, you are free to have it. I won't be posting more in this thread - I've hogged it too much already.
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