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September 18th, 2012, 07:10
Originally Posted by Merin View Post
I don't understand all the reactions that this was a bad campaign….
I think your emotion is misplaced. Noone called it "bad" - but I do believe they can do better. I'm a massive fan of Obsidian - I just to see them get the best result possible.

for one, I don't think the Obsidian crew really knew what to expect with Kickstarter
Well, then they didn't think it through. No, you can't predict with certainty, but if you don't think an Obsidian pitch for a Baldur's Gate-ish game wouldn't attract as much interest as a game from a low profile developer with an ancient IP, I don't know what to say. I've been saying this is at least a $3M+ proposition all along and I'd be stunned if they hadn't internally hoped for those sorts of numbers - just like Wasteland 2.

People were whining a day in that Obsidian hadn't listed stretch goals. I honestly believe they weren't counting on stretch goals.
Again, this is short-sighted. Based on Wasteland 2's experience - and we know they turned to Fargo for assistance and advice - they would need stretch goals by Day 3. But even if not, I'm saying a professional Kickstarter needs to have carefully costed their funding needs and planned ahead, probably with a few contingencies. In fact, I assume they did do this (because I don't believe they are inept).

here's Wasteland 2's schedule…Fargo's updates being mostly "thanks, thank you, so surprised, didn't expect!"…Comparatively, Obsidian is much more on the ball.

I'll spare the links, but Shadowrun Returns did the exact same run as Obsidian - 3 days, 3 updates, 3rd day's update having details and stretch goals.
A very valid point - but Obsidian can do better.

Fargo didn't have a template for a successful old-school RPG major Kickstarter campaign. Obsidian can not only look at the several multi-million dollar Kickstarters over the last 6 months or so, one of them even shares the same history!

It's not constructive criticism.
Sorry? Not constructive criticism would be "your games suck!". Posting that I believe faster updates would drive more pledges is entirely constructive.

…but they were not at work on Sunday to do so and needed to have a meeting about what those goals could be. They didn't expect this. inXile didn't either, nor did Harebrained, nor did Double Fine.
Sorry, Kickstarter is their job for the next month. I got up at 4AM local time to check the progress because that's when I estimated they'd pass the funding line - they need to do the same; you only get one shot at this. As for needing a meeting to discuss the content of the update, again, that should have already been in the pipeline queue.

You seem to be saying, and saying that it is reasonable, to expect Obsidian to give more information and be better at this than EVERY OTHER GAME ON KICKSTARTER.
Yes, exactly. They have more information to work with and they certainly have a stronger brand to work with than inXile (Hunted) and Harebrained (who?).

Yes, I'm upset at this. This isn't the only place I'm finding this. I can only assume that this grows out of the "Obsidian games are broken buggy" rep they have.
Certainly not from me. Again, I only want the best result. I realise people hate the idea of sales and marketing when it comes to games but this is a sales pitch and they need to sell it. When they passed the $1.4M stretch, they want to be straight on to driving pledges to the next goal. Go! Go! Go! Even if the update is merely platitudes ("thanks, you're a great community, bla bla"), that makes people feel appreciated and that the developer is engaged. That they hadn't had their committee meeting yet to approve the next update is meaningless in terms of appeasing the fans and driving pledges.

Just to be crystal clear: I only want the best. I'm not saying this is a bad campaign (or even close! They got funding in under two days! Yay!). I'm saying: this is a one-off opportunity to maximise your funding and you need to sell hard to get the best results.
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