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September 18th, 2012, 14:02
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Well I've had 5 separate gaming sessions with Dark Souls, each about 45 minutes in length and I officially declare I am too lame for this kind of game. The closest I've come to killing the very first boss is I've had him down to about 4 bars of health.

Since this is just the first Boss, it is doubtful I will make any meaningful progress in this game. So it's back to Skyrim for me. I'm just too lame with a game controller and I guess my reflexes are pretty bad too.
First boss is Taurus demon in undead burg right?Personaly I died LOT on that checkpoint until I learned how to play,but after I die far less I think that is checkpoint I died most on, except maybe bell gargoyles for which people say are not that hard but it took me more tries than other for bosses people claim are much harder.BTW there is trick to kill him easily(which I didn't know back than I had to kill him old fashion way).
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