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September 18th, 2012, 14:57
Good update, sounds great.

Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
Also, I suggest people read the Eurogamer interview with Tom Cain (and update #3). Extremely informative.
Informative, indeed.

Im particularly glad to hear that
the game does not track an alignment for the player. Instead we will use a reputation system to keep track of what different groups in the world think of you.
I like the tactics involved in the precise movement, orientation and use of abilities. But it can tend to be slow with a large party of character. Real-time-with-pause is faster and can feel more engaging, but I have found the abilities to be harder to use well. One reason for that is because many RTWP RPGs were made based on paper-and-pencil games that used turns, and their abilities were made for opponents that were not moving. I feel that RTWP can be an excellent combat model if the abilities are designed with respect to that model, and not converted from another system.

One thing confuses me somewhat though.
In the interview, Tim Cain states that
We have an engine already,
However, Chris Avellone recently tweeted, that they will not likely use the Onyx engine.
What engine is Tim Cain talking about then?
I thought using Onyx engine would be a given.
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