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September 18th, 2012, 15:14
Originally Posted by Merin View Post
Reaper and Zpocalypse, the other two I personally witnessed do amazing, look like they had PLANNED IT OUT VERY WELL… but even they weren't more than an update a day at the start.
Reaper is the most recent. Zcapolypse or Zombicide were less controlled as they had less how to do knowledge.

Reaper could only update when one of the stretch goals was achieved. It was excellently managed in the way that Repair got the best of hardcore backers who slowly but surely built up the final offer. For a long time, Reaper kept increasing their money collect on 3000~4000 backers. The inflow of new customers that came normally in the last days added geometrically.
Lots of teasing was performed successful.

For that KS project eternity, it is different. They failed on building the same sense of expectation.
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