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September 18th, 2012, 15:22
Originally Posted by Merin View Post
A company that is busy working on other projects starts this Kickstarter thing, which despite the internet treating everything like it's ancient if it happened more than week ago, is a very new and fragile business model.
The management matters. The project too.

For the moment, Obsidian is selling their reputation and their past achievement more than the incoming game.

That is maybe why they failed to maintain a momentum and why they probably knew they would get founded in a few days. They had the initial rush of hardcore supporters who rely on their past reputation to make up their mind. They probably knew they were numerous as they numbered the early bird offer to 25 000. 25 000 is a large number of backers for a KS project.
Beyond that point, Obsidian has very little to sell at the moment and might be at a dismay to provide meaningful content to their updates.

Reaper had much content to add to their offer.
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