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September 18th, 2012, 17:13
"killias2, you might think that Obsidian should have been expecting more, but the thing is that they did not. They had low expectations, an early game design and no marketing department trying to sale lies."

If Obsidian didn't expect a response on this scale, it's because they didn't do their homework. I'm not sure how Chris Avellone, in particular, didn't see this coming. I mean, Wasteland 2 raised 600k in a day. Did they really think that wasn't in the cards? That people wanted to see an inXile developed sequel to a game from the 80's more than anything from the last remaining widely respected AAA RPG studio? I mean, geez, look what Chris Avellone, alone, did to the funding on that project. With this, you have a veritable team of Chris Avellones.

I also am not looking for a marketing department to sell lies. Like I said above, the blog posts before the KS were -awesome-. Even just posting some of that stuff on the KS itself would've been a marked improvement over what's there. Some of this stuff involves a bit of marketing, sure, but you don't have to market lies. Does anyone think the WL2 or the DF KS were based on lies? I was just surprised that this large, entrenched, highly professional studio delivered a somewhat mediocre KS to begin with. When selling it to friends, they were like, "What's the big deal?" All I could say was "Look at who is working on it!" Of course, showing them the blog posts, update three, or some of the comments these guys have made elsewhere, and I get an entirely different reaction. "Oh, that sounds awesome." Instead of "Oh, that is an RPG."

"Also, the whole thing might have been their strategy: start small and grow over the weeks with more information. Problem is that the "fans" decided to start BIG and grow smaller (in perspective of day 1… we seems to be going for a 4th >100k day in a row). "

Almost every major KS starts with a bang, slows down, then heats up again at the end. This goes double for anticipated Kickstarters, like WL2 and.. well… this. I mean, geez, they even had a countdown. Of course we were all ready to pop. I jumped on that 20 about as quickly as I could.

More than anything else, two things get me: 1. This is a large, entrenched, professonal AAA studio, 2. They've been considering this and planning this for months, and they knew at least a week ahead of time that they were certainly doing it. How did they go into this knowing less about Kickstarter than most of their fans? How did they fail to translate their passion (apparent in interviews, the blog posts, and, to some extent, update 3) into their base KS page at all? It just boggles.

Of course, I wasn't initially planning on making a novel-sized post about this, with this as a follow-up. I am super excited about the project, and I can't wait to hear more. This has been blown completely out of proportion. Tempest in a teacup indeed.
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