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September 18th, 2012, 19:02
Okay, one last thing -

People don't seem to be taking into account all the Kickstarter's that fail to ever raise their amount. The vast majority.
Or that Obsidian was asking for (from what I can tell) the highest amount ever for a Kickstarter video game. Why would they have the ego to assume they'd hit it at about the fast rate ever?

There is a lot of armchair quarterbacking here, and dismissal of them doing as well as anyone else 3 days out.

Even Reaper. 3 days out.

But I'm done. Continue to "gently support" Obsidian by saying how they dropped the ball on raising their money in about a day and lighting up the gaming community online with excitement, crashing their servers with an influx heretofore never seen on their forums.

If you all know how to do Kickstarters so well, why not start your own projects? Seems like you have the formula down pat. Have all you goals ahead of time and reach a million dollars in half a day. Go for it.

Me, I'd be quite satisfied with the failure of being only as good as everyone who came before me and hitting my goals in 3% of the time I set to raise my money. I mean, how big a fail to want to do a project, have a set goal of money needed in mind, hope against hope to raise it… and be overwhelmed that you are going to raise likely over twice the amount. I'd take that failure in my life over most of my successes.
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