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September 18th, 2012, 20:06
Merin, you are the king of broken logic. It's quite amazing.

"There is a lot of armchair quarterbacking here, and dismissal of them doing as well as anyone else 3 days out."
Who has been dismissive of how well they're doing? Who here has been anywhere NEAR as negative as this straw man you're creating?

"Continue to "gently support" Obsidian by saying how they dropped the ball on raising their money in about a day and lighting up the gaming community online with excitement, crashing their servers with an influx heretofore never seen on their forums."
Again, who said they "dropped the ball"? Keep in mind, almost everyone you're criticizing is excited about this project and has contributed. Again, it's like you're arguing against a phantom. Just because I thought they could've done some things better doesn't mean I'm negative on the whole project. Seriously, take your pills.

"If you all know how to do Kickstarters so well, why not start your own projects? Seems like you have the formula down pat. Have all you goals ahead of time and reach a million dollars in half a day. Go for it."
If I was a well entrenched, professional video game studio with dozens of employees and lots of cred in the hardcore gaming community, you know what, I probably would. Short of that, I can't even begin to see how this is a relevant response.
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