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September 18th, 2012, 22:05
The Controller Online has the first review 10/10 for this game - the reviewer obviously really liked the game. In the beginning of the review there are spoilers for those who haven't played the first Torchlight, so read at your own risk
A quote on how you start the game:
When you start a new game you will pick between four character classes to play as: the Embermage, Engineer, Berserker and the Outlander. Each have their own unique skills to learn and upgrade, and while each character can use any type of weapon, their unique skill sets make them more proficient with different ones. I used the Berserker in my main play through, but I did start a new campaign with each one to get a feel for them and all of them bring something fun and different to the table. My second favorite character was the Engineer, mostly due to the awesome Bots that he can summon from his Construction skill set.
And a quote from the final comments:
When it comes to Action-RPG’s, Torchlight 2 is as good as it gets, with its massive amount of content, online co-op, new skill system, new and easy to use interface, beautifully created areas to explore and four great character classes to mold.
More information.
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