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September 18th, 2012, 22:31
My taste could easily be described as: Obsidian and Piranha Bytes games. Bioware and Bethesda after that.

In no particular order my top 10 list would include:

Baldurs Gate 2
(massive game that works in both SP and COOP, and while I think other games do many things better BG2 puts the parts together beautifully)
Gothic 1 (I enjoyed all three games, but G1 had the greatest WOW factor)
The Witcher 2 (I love the grey setting, and TW2 actually had a decent combat system)
Fallout New Vegas (Obsidian's writing with some of Bethesda's open world feel)
Arcanum (Interesting setting, tonnes of ways of resolving quests)
Darklands (interesting setting, combat and ruleset)
Morrowind (probably the game I've spent the most time playing, and during a recent replay I came to appreciate that you actually have quite a few ways of resolving quests, and that the quest lines are intertwined)
Pool of Radiance (the only Goldbox game that gave an illusion of non-linearity)
Ultima Underworld 2 (Writing and world building that you dont see today, unfortunately the engine aged badly)
Knights of the Old Republic 2 (controversial choice, but I loved the NPCs and the lack of any Bioware-type teenage girl thief)

Just outside the list I'd put: Dragon Age:Origins, the other Gothic games, the Witcher 1, Alpha Protocol, the Mass Effect games (of which I like the third best), Baldurs Gate 1, Kotor1, Fallout 1-2 (3 is okay but quite far behind the games I listed here) and Jade Empire.
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