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Default Lucky Day's The Wizard's Grave for Android development thread

September 19th, 2012, 00:29
In my downtime rather than play Civ 4 all day (or mow my law) I've taken up something more constructive: building an RPG App for Android. For now I call it

Wizard War!

edit 11/26/2013: the new name of the game is The Wizard's Grave, later in this thread I discuss the need for a name change due to the name already being taken.

here is a screenshot

WizardWar Screenshot.png

Right now its Top-Down design - its not OO yet - because after 6 months of going through the tutorials I decided to strike out on my own for the first time. I really need to get it into OO design before it becomes too bloated.

I have almost finished the FP "3D" view. The images are prerendered rather than OpenGL. I have been stuck on this because I added another layer of visual depth so I have to sort through the appropriate images to choose the correct ones. Perspective can be a real pain and it makes me wish I did it mathematically with OpenGL now.

You can move around great in it and I reluctantly added strafing to it in order to test the visuals.

As soon as this is done I will move onto the combat. I've got the beginnings of a unique system I will hash out with you in the next post.

The plan is to make a simple dungeon crawler then use this to move onto Wizard War! 2. Its an incremental approach.

WizardWar Screenshot 2.png
Developer of The Wizard's Grave Android game. Discussion Thread:
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