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September 19th, 2012, 16:37

I don't get why you thought I outlined a "conspiracy". You, on the other hand, did seem to theorize a conspiracy with your earlier comment, "when they (voluntarily) sold BioWare to Elevation Partners - a private equity firm co-founded by Ricciatello, I'm pretty sure they knew where it was going."

As to the flurry of announcements over the past few days, I'm glad you agree with my comment that these were seeking to assure everyone of business as usual. As to your point that this is what you would have done, no problem. Certainly something was needed to fill in the glaring void created by the failure to announce a successor.

To me these announcements felt rushed, and to some extent undercut the very assurance they were intended to generate as a result. Muzyka said he had been planning the transition for six months, but the flurry of a bunch of game announcements at the least minute hardly seems like the result of a plan six months in the making. Staged announcements over a period of weeks would have generated a stronger sense of long term continuity as compared to last minute timing. Moreover, the naming of a successor concurrently with announcing the docs' retirement would be an expected part of any good plan for long term stability and continuity.

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